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Living Room


Gone are the days of VCRs and blank tapes, with a digital video recorder (DVR), it's nearly impossible to miss your must-see shows. Simply set your DVR once and you'll never miss out on the action or jokes again.


Your living room can become your command center with a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) home phone. From its touch-screen monitor, you can do anything - view local traffic and weather, send and receive messages, play music and much more - making it a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs.


Previously technology in the bathroom has been somewhat lacklustre, but today, there are truly unique digital systems, such as Moen's new ioDIGITAL. This innovative, easy-to-use digital showering and bath system is like having your own personal digital 'butler.' Program your vertical spa to deliver personalized, precise temperature and flow; turn on your shower with a remote; or even top off your bath with warm water with the touch of a button. And, once you've found your perfect combination, ioDIGITAL is "set and forget" technology at its finest, with up to four different presets that can be easily programmed within seconds. ioDIGITAL is as easy as it is innovative, and effortlessly transforms the bathroom into the most tech-savvy room in the house.


In the kitchen, a variety of new appliances offer "set and forget" technology to make life simple. Dishwashers, such as the GE Profile dishwasher has SmartDispense technology, holds up to two months worth of detergent and automatically dispenses the right amount based on water hardness and soil levels. It starts on its own - so all you have to worry about is whose turn it is to put them away. Similarly, smart ranges, such as the Frigidaire Professional freestanding electric range, allow you to program your oven up to 24 hours in advance to begin cooking on your schedule and allow you to program your "favourite" settings, allowing you to cook for the family with the touch of a button.

Regardless of the room in which you incorporate digital technology, remember that these user-friendly and convenient options will help you save time and start living a worry-free digital life.

Home makeover tips for the new baby

Most parents-to-be think about how their lives will change Digital products when the baby arrives, however there are many changes to your home that should come much earlier. Luckily, you only have to alter your habits slightly to ensure a safe haven for you and your new arrival.

Nursery No-No

Decorating the nursery is an exciting project. However, when choosing the perfect shade to splash the walls, recruit dad, grandparents or friends to help with this part. Nearly all paints - even environmentally friendly versions - emit fumes and it is unknown what their effects are on the baby.

Bath Safety

As your "baby bump" continues to grow, it shifts your centre of gravity making you very unstable and increases the risk of slips and falls. And, according to the Home Safety Council (HSC), falls are the leading cause (66%) of all nonfatal home injuries - with the bathroom being a main culprit due to water and slick surfaces.

For help in the tub or shower, the HSC recommends installing grab bars. SecureMount grab bars from Home Care by Moen are an ideal choice since they feature a unique anchor installation system that installs quickly and easily anywhere on the wall - without the need for a stud, and are available in styles and finishes to beautifully coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. A shower chair is also ideal to keep steady when shaving or washing hair.

Feline Frets

If you have a cat, the litter box is a "must avoid" due to the risk of toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a microscopic parasite that often resides in cat feces. Don't fret; this doesn't mean you need to get rid of your cuddly kitten, just give someone else the chore of cleaning the litter boxes.

Begin to Babyproof

Babies become mobile very quickly, so baby proof your home now. Install safety items, such as corner pads, outlet inserts and cabinet locks to keep baby safe and remove any breakable items that are low enough to be reached or heavy objects up high that could topple over. Inviting friends' babies and toddlers over is a great way to "test" the baby-proofing efforts.

Pregnancy should be a joyous time, so ensure nine months of health and happiness with these few tips.

There are many reasons why a lot of people decide to get into the digital product business. Most people like to become resellers because of following five major reasons:


Reselling digital products is a convenient business. You can resell products almost anytime, anywhere and under any condition. Parents for example can monitor their reselling business at home while looking after the kids. Others may also go into the reselling business a way of augmenting their income while keeping a day job. You can even still be in business even if you are on vacation. There is no inventory to keep track of and delivery of the product can be set up in a way that the buyer will automatically be able to download the product "even if it is 2am in the morning!"

Low Costs

Unlike brick and mortar shops, your online reselling business does not need to cost a lot. Your major expense will be hosting, a domain name and of course, the cost of resell rights. The first two expenses mentioned should total to about less than $15 a month. That's even less than the cost of a box of your favorite pizza. Your other costs can be kept at a minimum if you decide not to advertise, if you register for free web hosting, and register with a free payment processor such as Paypal. Your other basic expenses will include only your electricity and internet connection. The disparity between these costs and the costs for putting up an offline business is huge.

You can cut your expenses even more if you sign up with resale membership sites. Some sites offer lower start up costs and lower resell rights prices. You also no longer need to look for products with resell rights since membership sites will provide you with the products.

Low Maintenance and Manpower Costs

You do not need to hire people to perform an inventory or to check on your products. Furthermore, digital products are also non-perishable which means to say that they do not need to be stored in a physical storage facility. You also do not need to closely monitor the progress of your sales every minute. You can have a website run on autopilot. Your auto responder for example can send all your letters to your clients automatically. Your automated delivery service will also securely deliver your product to your client on time as soon as their payment comes through your payment processor.

Great Variety

You can choose from many different products with resell rights. You can have software products, audio/video products or text-based products. If you are a multi-marketer, you can sell both your products and resell products that are related to your niche topic.

Less Effort

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of reselling digital products is that you do not need to come up with your own product. You do not even need to edit or modify a product if you are just a basic or master rights reseller. All you need to do is to assess if a product is good enough to resell. You should also take a look at the sales page. It should be tempting enough to entice your potential buyers.

Most originators of products with resell rights will provide you with nearly everything to start your business. This will include a reseller guide and instructions, a convincing sales letter, follow up letters and advertisements. In other words, they can do the dirty job for you while you simply buy and sell for profit. What's left for you to do is upload everything to your hosting server and promote the product until you get some good results.